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    Diagnosis And Treatment Of Joint Diseases Of Small Animals

    This is due to the increase in life expectancy of the animals and the current trend of people having medium to large breeds of dogs, which are more likely to develop joint disorders, as pets. Quite often veterinarians find it difficult to accurately diagnose and treat joint diseases because of...
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    Procedures In Small Animal Practice 2nd Edition

    It is our pleasure to introduce to you the second edition of the Procedures in Small Animal Practice, which has been written for veterinary surgeons,veterinary nurses and students. We have been delighted by the success of the first edition, which suggests that this Guide has become the number...
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    Assessment of gestation length on the basis of fetus

    Estimation of gestation length on the basis of fetus Pregnancy: Pregnancy period is the period from fertilization to parturition or birth of young and in this time the development of fetus in the uterus in female during this period simple cells derived and develop into highly organized...
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    Veterinary Science (General)

    MCQS of Veterinary Science
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    Top 15 Guidelines for Selection and Purchasing of Animals

    Selection and Purchasing of Animals Following SOP's need to be followed at time of selecting or purchasing of animals. First of all it needs to be decided which breed of animal you prefer. For selection of breed keep in mind the following characteristics of a good breed: ● Attain maturity...
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    Diazepam Use in Tetanus in Horses and Donkeys

    Diazepam use as muscle relaxant in tetanus Diazepam is used as muscle relaxant in case of tetanus in equines (horses,donkeys). Brand Names Diazepam Injection Diazepam Intensol Diazepam Oral Tablets Description Diazepam affects the central nervous system and is used as a tranquilizer in...
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    How to Cure Parvo Virus Infection in Dogs

    Parvo Virus infection in Dogs It is a highly contagious disease of the dog and is notorious for its ability to quickly reduce the animal health and make him lethargic. If the animal is not treated at the early stage of the disease then it can also cause death. It is characterized by enteritis...
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    Difference between nutritive value of Colostrum and Milk

    Difference between nutritive value of Colostrum and Milk Colostrum Protein: 14% – 15% Lactose: 3% – 3.5% Fat: 3.5% Solid not fat (SNF): 22% Water: 78% Immunoglobulins: 5.5% – 6.8% Milk Protein: 3.5% Lactose: 4.5% Fat: 4% – 5% Solid not fat (SNF): 13% Water: 87% Vitamin B: 2 times more in...
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    Necessary steps for brooding in poultry

    Necessary steps for Brooding in poultry Brooding is part and parcel for profitable poultry farming. 1.keep floor Temperature 35c° before getting day old chicks out of box. It need to keep On brooder 12 hours before chicks come on shed. Remember Manual Thermometer mostly place 1-2 feet...
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    Indirect Haemagglutination Test | IHA

    Sop's for Indirect Haemagglutination Test (IHA) Indirect Haemagglutination test /IHA is used for assay of serum Antibodies after vaccination e.g HS vaccine produces antibodies specific against HS pathogen. Causative agent of HS (haemorhagic septicemia is Pasteurella Multocida which is...
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    Postmortem protocols in Vetero-legal cases

    Postmortem is an examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death. Purposes; Insurance claim Write off animal Veterolegal cases Record keeping (at farm etc.) For treatment of healthy animals Now a days there are many cases comes at animal clinics as a vetero legal cases and that...
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    Terminology of wild animals

    Terms related to different wild carnivores Terminology Lion Male is called Lion Female is called Lioness Young one is called Cub Group name is called Pride Act of parturition is called Cubbing Dwelling place is Den Tiger Male is called Tiger Female is called Tigress Young one is...
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    Difference between Live and Killed Vaccines

    Which one is better: Live or Killed Vaccine? Live Vaccine Live attenuated organisms or organisms of lower virulence are used as agent Gives strong immune response Booster immunization is not required Adjuvant is not required Cold chain is required Less costly Chance of reversal of virulence...
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    Salient features of Gastrointestinal tract in ruminants

    Specific features of Gastrointestinal tract in ruminants Ruminant Gastro Intestinal Tract’s Peculiarity and Salient Features In Veterinary science, there is one of the classification of animals on the basis of their types of the stomach: Simple stomach Animals (non-ruminants) i.e., Horse, Dog...
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    Difference between exotoxins and endotoxins

    Exotoxins vs Endotoxins Many bacteria produce toxins, enzymes and pigments. Toxins and enzymes play important role in pathogenecity. Toxins mainly are of two types: Exotoxins are usually heat labile proteins secreted by certain species of bacteria which diffuse into the surrounding medium...