Necessary steps for brooding in poultry


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Necessary steps for Brooding in poultry
Brooding is part and parcel for profitable poultry farming.

1.keep floor Temperature 35c° before getting day old chicks out of box. It need to keep On brooder 12 hours before chicks come on shed. Remember Manual Thermometer mostly place 1-2 feet above floor , you need to maintain 35c° for first week.

2.Water lines should be balanced from corners and should be in proper access of chicks.

3.Water should not be cold minimum temperature should be 30c° to avoid shivering and Fever that leads to respiratory distress.

4.Humidity for 1st two weeks should be 70-80%.

5.Minimum Ventilation per Bird is 0.2 of fist day, so if flock is of 30000 Birds required cfm will be 0.2×30000=6000 cfm, for that you need not open vent. Air coming from brooder will be enough.

6.For Exhaust use Formula of Fan Time
Fan time= total numer of Birds× Avg wt(Kg)×Cfm of one Bird ÷cfm of front or side fan ,Answer will be On time of fan put it in 5 minute circle of fan e.g:On time 25 sec then of time will be 475_sec in 5 minutes circle of fan.

7.Do not run the chicks it is mal practice if you maintain Temperature, Humidity and Ventilation chick will be fine and himself move for feed and water.

8.Keep lights On and Maximum in 1st two weeks.

9. Temp and Ventilation values Vary in weeks.

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